Can Heavy rain damage my roof?

If you’ve been living in Mpumalanga for the past four days, you probably received a lot of rainfall. So, if you are a homeowner, then it is important for you to know what damage a heavy rainfall may have caused to your roof. Here are the most common problems that a homeowner may witness after heavy rainfall.

Cracked Tiles

If a storm has struck your city, then the roof of a house is what gets damaged first. The heavier the rainfall, the more likely damage is to occur. Tiles placed on the roof may crack and the water will start seeping through them. Also, the water running through those cracks will further worsen the damage. When the tile is exposed to long periods of rainfall, especially older roof tiles, they tend to keep water for longer and the microscopic cracks start to get bigger. After the rainfall, any cracked tiles should be replaced as soon as possible.

The Mould Problem

After the rainfall is over, the tiles, if they have developed cracks and have soaked up water, will remain moist for days. Especially in mountainous areas like Mpumalanga some houses do not get a lot of direct sunlight in the mornings or afternoons. This will trigger the growth of mould on the roof of your house. This mould can also then penetrate and grow in your house, in furniture, and carpets causing serious infections to your pets and infants.

If you are living in the Mpumalanga area in and older established settlement. Just take a step outside and look at the state of your roof.
As homeowners, we tend to miss the roof when you go about your daily routine. Maybe it is time to replace those old cracked and mouldy tiles. Especially if you or constantly suffering from sinus related infections, it could be mould.

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